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About Us

Downtown Towing Services started as a result of our owner needing to feed his family along with his great work ethic. Eddie Puckett went to work for NSD Roadside Assistance, and they fell in love with the services Mr. Puckett was providing. Soon, their business lines wouldn’t stop ringing. From that point on, he had to hire drivers and buy trucks. Mr. Puckett then chose to take his knowledge and exceptional people skills and put it all into a company he named Downtown Towing Services, Inc.

Collectively, his company now has over 25 years of experience that include motorcycle, light & medium duty, luxury, and exotic towing and roadside assistance services. In conclusion, if you are ever in need of towing or roadside services, we can assure you that an overly experienced driver is on the way! Contact us ANYTIME, for we are open 24/7!